“Why I Am So Ugly!” Beware as This Phrase Can Lead You to Clinical Depression.

Most of the people especially women who think that they do not have an impressive personality suffer from low self-esteem and shattered confidence. Almost 20 million people around the globe are suffering from depression, just because they think, “I amugly”. They constantly feel down and low as they suffer from inferiority complex at each and every phase of life just because they think that they don’t owe a beautiful personality.Most of the women experience low self-esteem and usually remain in a blue mood just because they do not have fair complexion, inviting figure and deep blue eyes. They go through such a low self-confidence that keep asking themselves “why I am so ugly”, “No one can love me because I am ugly” and many other sad questions like this.

Such lack of esteem and confidence can crave the way of severe depression. People experiencing such a depression think that others make fun of them, others laugh at them,and they throw humiliating comments and draw comics to embarrass them. They create a mind set by thinking “I am ugly and my partner only hangs out with me to look good incomparison”.

Anyone suffering from such low self-confidence must believe in themselves and their god gifted qualities to keep their head held high in the society. God has granted all of us a number of inner and personal qualities other than beauty and physical charm. One must go on to a journey of discovering their inner self and explore the qualities and traits that impart individuality to a person and make him or her unique from the others. Being beautiful is not the only way to go. Instead, you can impress others with your individual persona.

Another great way of excelling in life and among the others is self-motivation. It is an art and one should know how to implement this art on oneself. There are a number of ways of motivating yourself to keep your spirits high. First of all, stop thinking at once “Why Iam so ugly”. Create a cause for living and motivate yourself for that cause. Such a cause can help you achieving the impossible and helps you facing the most tough and difficult things in life. Create your own race and compete with yourself to attain your dreams. Dreams are the concrete form of your causes and stimulate you to achieve your goals in life. With the help of these few ways, you can take yourself to that excellence that is far ahead from the physical and facial beauty.

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I’M Ugly: What Are the Signs of Low Self Esteem

It is quite common among individuals, to suffer from low self-esteem, at some points in their lives. Some individuals tend to lose their sense of worth only when experiencing major life problems or when hit by serious stress. Others conversely might be suffering from lack of self-confidence almost always, under all conditions. Not a lot of individuals are strong enough to stay entirely unmoved by life’s plausible assaults. Externally, you might appear assertive and unmoved, but internally you might suffer from the symptoms of low self-image, which might cause you to often question yourself, am I ugly or am I a failure or a fraud.

Low self-confidence is like an enclosure where you imprison yourself once you fail to trust yourself and doubt your goodness. You will keep saying to yourself “Im ugly” and then, “Iwant a boy friend”. The only way by which you can free yourself from the enclosure is to have a strong self belief. You must be able to confidently say that I am beautiful and I am good as well as worthy and capable enough to attain success in whatever I do. You also need to make yourself feel that you are definitely lovable. However, if you constantly suffer from poor confidence level and keep having negative thoughts in mind then it will be hard for you to fight symptoms of low self-worth.

If you think that you are suffering from low self-esteem, then you should work hard to get back your self-belief and proactively work towards self-improvement. You also need to take control of your own life. A few common signs of lack of self-worth are:

  • You keep on thinking about yourself and prefer to engage in frequent self-analysis.
  • Often you end up asking yourself, am I pretty?
  •  You are scared of harsh conditions and might experience some kind of estrangement from your family and friends. This might make you desperately say to yourself that I want a boyfriend.
  • You tend to have negative viewpoints and lose the willingness to smile.
  • You find it difficult to achieve your individual goals and fail to set your own targets.
  • You prefer to live an isolated life and become antisocial.
  • You fail to have faith in other people and cannot make eye contact with others.
  • You lose your ability to take any risks.
  • You start to speak negatively about yourself and often end up telling lies.
  • You find it difficult to forgive others as well as yourself.

You need to act on these symptoms of poor esteem if you want to live a happy, contended life.

Boosting your confidence level will not only make a stronger person mentally but will also make you love and appreciate yourself more.

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Am I Pretty: Ways to Increase Your Kid’s Self Esteem

A child, who has high self-esteem, will always feel accepted, important, purposeful and in control. Having strong sense of worth is will make a kid feel capable and lovable. A kid with high self-worth will feel contented about his accomplishments, take up accountability and responsibility. He will be able to put up with frustration, will feel confident and brave enough to attempt fresh things and will also display a, extensive variety of emotions. He or she will have somewhat like “I am beautiful” and “I want a boy friend” kind of opinion in the mind. A parent constantly needs to come up with the most excellent tools and strategies, required to encourage high level of confidence in their child. A healthy self-confidence will assist a kid to grow up into a relatively healthy and emotionally strong adult.

A child not only requires feeling psychologically safe, but also physically safe. Actual safety develops on honesty and trust. A kid also needs to feel respected and treasured and free from judgments. Strong self-image will assist a kid to grow socially, creatively and academically.Some of the most important ways by means of which parents can encourage strong sense of worth in their kids are;

  • Parents need to play a positive role model. Children tend to observe and watch their parents from the moment they are open their eyes. However, a lot of parents are unable to realize how their behaviors and actions have a strong impact in the minds of their kids. In early years, every single interaction and experience a kid engages in or witnesses assists in the development of his self-image.
  • Parents need to encourage deep connection. It is important to make a child feel that has an important role to play. This can be achieved through communications, sharing feelings and through an intense level of caring and warmth. Kids also require feeling intensely connected to their siblings, parents, friends, clergy, teachers, etc.
  • Parents need to praise their kids. A youngster often have a tendency to feel influenced by what others say about them If someone tells a youngster that he is not good-looking then that youngster will keep questioning himself, why I’m ugly. To build up a kid’s self esteem, it is important for parents to make him feel loved and cherished. They should also praise their kids when they achieve something, no matter how big or small it might be. By praising kids for their efforts, you will certainly help to develop high sense of worth in them.
  • Parents should always encourage and honor their kids’ uniqueness. All children are unique. They tend to differ from one another in actions, behavior and attitude as well as in their ways of communication. Parents must be able to appreciate their children’s uniqueness and should not compare them with others. Make them feel such that they never think “Im ugly” and always have in mind “I am pretty”.
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Strengthen Your Self-Esteem by Reminding Yourself “I Am Beautiful”

It is an old saying that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. However, with the changing social values and morals people just praise what they see physically. Gone are the days when inner beauty was considered more important than the facial beauty and people never used to ask themselves “Am I pretty”. Nowadays, everyone is captured by the facial beauty, body statistics and skin complexion. Such low morality attitude has injured and hurt the self-esteem of a number of persons in our society. They keep on thinking I’m ugly that ultimately hurts their personality.

People suffering from self-wounded confidence become the most complicated and unattended part of our society. The confidence of such persons is badly shattered and they fell an easy prey to excessive sexual activity, sexual harassment, eating and sleeping disorders, depressions and develop a negative physical and mental image.

Youth is more prone to such physiological problems and fighting a tough fight against negative impairments of low confidence and self-belief. However, the wounded personality of a person can be mended by raising the slogan “I am beautiful”. This slogan has a complete thought behind it and can cure the offended feelings of both male and females. By developing this positive thought in oneself, the person can achieve not only social success, but also economic, emotional and physical health.

A person with repaired esteem knows his or her worth and explores the hidden qualities in his personality that can eventually benefit the society. A person having self-admiration thought that I am beautiful and worthy for the people around me. Positive self-evaluation can turn despair into pride that ultimately leads to a successful life. Respect is the basic human need and endorses motivation in a person. Motivation plays a vital role in the entire process of life and it helps you in feeling that you are capable of doing something on your own behalf and achieve something in life.

Now, the question arises how to be confident and achieve self-improvement. The first thing towards enhancing elf-image is to stop thinking that I am ugly. This negative thought can turn your moods blue in a single second. There are a number of ways to start the process of self-motivation. Read and follow self-esteem quotes and try to extract positive things from these golden quotes. Another way is to develop a habit of reading self-help books as they can play a crucial role to bring your life back to a successful track. Another method to cope low self-esteem is to attach you with a noble and dignified cause and not get bothered with questions like “Am I Pretty”.

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I Am Beautiful: Tips to Improve Your Self Confidence

Do you often stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself: Why am I ugly? Do you doubt your own qualities? Do you indulge in negative thinking? If yes, then you are immensely lacking in self-confidence. It is very important for everyone to feel confident in life. Confidence will help you to meet your goals and tackle your problems in a more efficient way. Once you attain self-belief, you will be able to tell yourself with conviction that “Yes, I am beautiful”. You will feel more blissful and not get influenced by others opinions. However, gaining self-esteem is not so easy. You need to show eagerness to change your outlook and follow certain tips in order to improve your sense of worth.

The first tip is that never give any importance to what others say about you, especially negative things. Always be confident about your own self and have an approach like “I am beautiful, I amgood”. Never ever try changing yourself based on others opinions. Do not judge yourself with the people around you. Never show your lack of self-motivation to others or else people will try to influence even more.

Second tip is that try to avoid asking questions like “Am I Pretty”. Have strong faith in yourself.If people dislike you as a person or your looks and say something negative about you, then just laugh it off. If you belief in yourself then others cynicism will not affect you.

Third tip is to write down your goals. Make sure that you achieve each of them. If you have strong self-confidence then you will never move away from your goals and will make sincere efforts to achieve them, no matter how difficult it might prove.

Fourth tip is that always try to be a winner. Even while trying to achieve something, if you end up failing several times, do not get disheartened by it. You must keep on trying until you achieve your goal. Have a positive attitude and at all times consider yourself to be a winner. Failure is apart of life and you should not get affected by it. Try to learn from your failures and move ahead in life.

Fifth tip is to have strong determination. If you have decided to attain something then you must not give up until and unless you achieve it. Have patience and a strong will, which will motivate you to keep on trying. Do not allow negative thoughts to come in your mind. Never ever think that you are not capable of achieving your target. It might take a day’s time, or a month or even a year’s time to reach your target. However, finally, when you manage to attain it, all your effort will prove to be worth.

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Am I Ugly: Self Confidence Can Bring You Success

If you want to be successful in life, then you need to have a healthy self-confidence. High confidence level will bring you long-term success. It will help you to grow up into a better person. It is very essential for all individuals to have a strong sense of worth and self-respect.There are few tips that you need to abide by, if you really want to become successful in life.

Firstly, you need to change your outlook. You need to have a positive attitude and need to give importance to own self. Always say to yourself that I am beautiful. Don’t have a negative mindset and never suspect your own qualities. Never encourage negative feelings. You should not doubt your own appearance and end up questioning yourself why I’m ugly. That is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. Positive self-thoughts will help to attain self-possession.

Secondly, you need to able to forget and forgive. Everyone has flaws and makes mistake. So, if you wind up doing some blunder, then try to forgive your own self and carry on with your life.Self-forgiveness is hard to carry out, but if you can do it then you will surely become successful in life. It is good to learn from your mistakes, but never allow them to have an effect on your life.

Third, at all times, value your life’s objective. Everyone has an aim in life and you need to try your best to achieve it. Don’t ever think of the possibilities of failing in your attempt. Always remain optimistic and keep trying, until you reach your goal. Never get scared of the hurdles in life.

Fourth, try to improve your self-image. Make yourself believe that irrespective what others think about me, I am beautiful always. Try to enhance your appearance through proper dressing and grooming. When selecting clothes for yourself, be extra cautious. Make sure you choose right kind of dresses that fit you well and make you look more attractive. If you are confident about the way you look, you will never ever question yourself, “am I ugly?”

Fifth, do not take others comments personally. Don’t allow yourself to get hurt by others cynicism. People with low self-esteem often judge themselves based on others opinions. Take others’ criticism in a positive manner and don’t think much about it.

Sixth, have the guts to say no to things that you think are wrong, even if you end up hurting someone in the process. Have full control over your situation and never allow others to influence it. You should not make any important decision emotionally. Be very practical and confident when making decision for family or business purposes.

These tips will not only help you to raise your self-confidence, but will also help you to attain great success in life, in all possible spheres.

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Am I Pretty: Negative and Positive Aspects of Self Esteem

Self-esteem is actually the inner knowledge, which tells you that you have the ability to deal with any situation that life tosses at you. It is a sense of self-respect as well as an awareness that you, as a human being, are resilient and strong. Individuals with a high esteem are assertive in their talents and can handle problems and stress in a more successful manner. They are capable of keeping their heads high and not afraid of not succeeding in their attempt. A person with strong self-confidence will have the ability to appreciate his own beauty and capable of saying confidently that, as a matter of fact, I am beautiful.

Individuals, who lacks in self-esteem, will appear to be completely opposite in behavior. They sport a pessimistic attitude towards themselves as well as life. They tend to panic about new experiences since they don’t have a positive mind-set, which has the ability to make them realize that they are capable of handling or accomplishing life’s challengescompetently. They frequently keep asking themselves that, why “am I ugly” and doubt their own image. They mostly indulge in negative thinking. They will have a tendency to worry greatly about small issues and are excessively vulnerable to criticism.

An individual’s sense of worth is how he feels about himself and his abilities. Self-worth can drastically stimulate a person’s attitudes, behaviors and motivations. It starts to grow from an early age, right from toddler hood, just when a toddler tries stand or walk and will making an attempt to do so he either fails or succeeds.

It actually doesn’t count whether the baby repeatedly succeeds or not, but what it mostly matters is how the individuals surrounding the baby reacts. A kid who is able to perform everything correctly, from the very beginning, but is not applauded by others, for his actions or is put down in some manner, might slowly build up an extremely low self-esteem. On the other hand, a kid who seldom achieves something, but is continuously applauded for his efforts might cultivate a high degree of self-worth. Whenever a kid has doubts in his mind and ask his parents, am I pretty, his parents should always support him. They should persuade him to feel that no matter what others say, I am beautiful.

Your confidence level can rise and fall as you grow older and encounter fresh obstacles in life. Teenagers mostly suffer from low sense of worth as they strive to deal with bodily transformation, worldly changes and also personality alterations. This is right time for you to work on building up your self-respect level.

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Am I Ugly: It Is Essential to Have a Positive Self-Image

Having a positive self-image is extremely important for every single individual. A positive opinion of yourself will stop you from asking, why am I ugly. Whenever you stand in front of a mirror, you see the image of the most beautiful girl standing in front of yourself and you will feel like telling yourself that no matter what others say, I am beautiful. This will not only make you feel good, but also boost your level of confidence.

To have a positive sense of self, you first need to strongly believe in yourself. You should not get affected by the negative opinions of others. You should work towards improving your own image. Often, it has been found that an individual, who grows in a negative surrounding often build up a negative image of himself and lacks in confidence, when he becomes mature.You need to change your attitude and mind-set no matter in what condition you are in. Self motivation will help you to create a more positive image of yourself in your mind.

Try to have frequent conversation with your own reflection in the mirror. Tell yourself that yes, I am beautiful. Think of the good qualities that you possess. Remind yourself of all your achievements that you have been able to achieve, irrespective of small and large. Admit your own flaws and find out ways to mend them. Never ask questions like, why am I ugly. That will weaken your self-esteem. Always maintain a positive opinion about yourself. To improve yourself confidence and your image you need to have faith in yourself and should be eager to make changes in your attitude and thought process.

It is important for you to be able to distinguish a constructive criticism from a critical one.Constructive criticism will help you to identify your bad as well as good qualities and will help you have an understanding of yourself. Like many people, do not ever become a victim of others cynicism and sarcastic words. If someone speaks negative about you, then try to avoid that person.

If you have been able to develop a strong opinion of yourself, then try to preserve it. Always try to think about your positive characteristics. The more you feel confident about yourself, the more happy and contended person you will grow up to be. Always, remember that every person has his own flaws. So, try to work on your flaws and never feel bad about them.

Your self-image will certainly improve, if you concentrate more on developing your positive qualities and change your negative attitude.

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Why Am I So Ugly: How to Bring Back Self Confidence

What type of attitude do you possess? Do you always dwell on the negative aspects of life? Do you frequently ask yourself that why am I ugly? Are you aware of that fact that possessing a pessimistic state of mind can subdue your confidence? A low self-esteem will bring down your accomplishments and have a negative influence on everything that you do. Due to lack of confidence, you will end up feeling depressed and sad, regardless of what you attempt to achieve.
However, without self-confidence, it is not worth living a life. If you wish to live your life to the fullest, you need you need to think positive. You need to stop having a negative mindset and boost your self-esteem with putting an end to statements like “im ugly” in your mind. By raising your confidence level, you will able to improve your way of life and appreciate yourself as well as all features of life, both bad and good. Once you regain your self-assurance, you will be able to believe that no matter what, “I am beautiful”.

Always keep in mind that regaining self-belief will only take place when you are ready to acknowledge your present attitude and is eager to improve it. You really need to have faith in yourself in order to improve your level of confidence.
If you are eager to go for self-improvement then the first thing that you need to do is to find out your personal weaknesses and strengths. You also need to stop comparing your self with others.Often, what normally happens is that when you consider that someone else is having a better life than yours, you often fail to notice the person’s problems. A person might appear happy and cheerful in public but in reality he might be having a lot of personal problems. So, never judge a person instead focus on your own self.

Always think about the good things in life. Never repent for anything. It is acceptable for you to feel awful, when all of a sudden, something dreadful happens to you. Take a few days’ time to build up your strength, and then forget about the problem completely. Never try to disclaim the problem or even conceal it, since denying problems will afterward make you think that you are bad. Admitting the problem will help you in rebuilding your self-belief.

Always remember that bad is followed by good and vice versa. So, if you are going through bad times, you need make yourself realize that good is not far away. To build your self-confidence,you need to try to change your way of thinking and instead of asking yourself, am I pretty, you need to tell yourself that, yes, I am beautiful.

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Chanting “I Am Beautiful” Time and Again Can Get Your Confidence Back

Self confidence plays a very important role in one’s life, career and relationship. It can break or make a business deal or a relationship. What really influences your confidence level is how other people see you, by way of your self-perception. If you perceive your own self as a capable,energetic and attractive person, then others around you will also perceive you in the same manner. If you think, “I am beautiful”, then others will also consider you to be beautiful. If you doubt your own self and ask others that, am I ugly, they will also have doubts in their minds about your appearance.

Confidence cannot be gained overnight. You need to have a strong self-determination and a keenness to undergo a few changes, in order to boost your self-belief. There are certain valuable tips that you need to keep in mind, if you want to raise your self-esteem.

Always try to dress smartly in order to impress others. Your look plays a very important role in boosting your self-image. If you dress in drab, unattractive way, your reflection in the mirror will make you ask yourself that why am I ugly? Your unappealing appearance will also create a negative perception in the minds of other people. So, it is extremely essential for you to dress smartly. When people will stare at you and highly appreciate your look, it will make you feel that yes, I am beautiful. To create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the people, you not only need to concentrate on your clothes, but also on proper grooming.

Your way of walking also speaks a lot about you. Individuals, who possess self-respect and are confident about themselves, tend to walk faster as well as are more actively. This is mainly because they know the true value of time and want to reach their destination as soon as possible without wasting precious time.

It is also important for you to maintain a correct posture, as it will help to reflect your confidence level. An individual having low self-esteem can be easily spotted by means of his posture. He will fail to make eye contact when speaking and will fumble when speaking. He also won’t beable to sit in an upright position and will look confused.

Always try to focus on the positive qualities that you already possess. Never feel bad for something, which you don’t have. Try to avoid bringing negative thoughts to your mind. Feel confident in whatever you do and try to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small it might be. If you want, you can even keep saying that “I am beautiful” to keep the confidence on a high.

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